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Hi, we’re cclab -> together we build AI-learning tools to foster human+human 💕collaboration...

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With CCLAB, discover Artificial Intelligence solutions tailored for creative markets, designed to enhance community interactions and boost shared experiences. Leverage our AI-powered market diversification strategies to stay competitive and innovate. Join us in building vibrant, interconnected communities through the power of Artificial Intelligence.


╰┈➤ projects & products💭 

 ⇢ AI Assurance:  

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Introducing – an AI assurance tool designed to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) confidently implement AI systems. There is currently slow adoption of AI tools and systems by SMEs, due to limited time, expertise, and knowledge needed to evaluate the risks relative to the potential returns. As a result, SMEs are falling behind larger companies in AI adoption, further intensifying their competitive disadvantage – a gap that will continue to widen. provides a scorecard that enables SMEs to quickly assess the safety and effectiveness of an AI tool or system relative to their specific sector,  accelerating the adoption of safe AI systems.

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 ⇢ [ar+ai=😮] 

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cclab & SENSEcity collaborate on AREVA - an evolution in SENSEcity's Historiscope that revolutionizes AR historical experiences - with participant-guided 3D-AR-AI overlays. The innovative AREVA GRAPH project encourages user engagement, reshaping perceptions of history while seamlessly generating complex AR overlays. Our innovative approach bridges the gap between advanced AR technology and efficient AI techniques, effectively addressing the most prominent computational and cost challenges faced in this field. By refining the AR experience in real-time, SENSEcity gives participants unprecedented control over their 3D AR journey, resulting in an immersive, interactive experience that truly brings the digital world to life.

 ⇢ 🧠 

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Introducing, a cutting-edge, web-based platform designed to stimulate dynamic conversations between university researchers and industry partners. Our aim is to fuel innovative, multi-disciplinary collaborations. At the heart of lies an advanced AI system that creates engaging, topical blog-style articles. This AI uses latest news, leading research papers, and other reputable sources as its material, transforming them into narratives that spark quality discussions. Through the use of AI technology, is designed to enhance human-to-human collaboration, driving forward the future of academic and industrial research.

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